Duplo­FLEX® - because every print should be a masterpiece.

The art of offering the right solution for every requirement.

Excellent print quality, efficient processes, best handling for all  applications. With Lohmann, you are at the right address if you place high demands on your flexo printing results. For your individual requirements, we offer unique solutions that also optimize your process - and all this combined with personal expert support.

The art of always being there for you

The Lohmann FLEXperts:
Your direct link to flexo know-how.

The shortest route to the optimal flexo printing solution: Just ask our FLEXperts! They are the specialists for problem solving around plate mounting adhesive tapes  especially when things get really tricky in a print job.

Thomas Holzer, Germany
Gilles Durel, France
Bob Drew, Great Britain
Silvia Casellato, Germany
Jordi Cañadas, Spain
Luigi Barbareschi, Italy
Storm Lei, China
Bernardo Sonnenberg, South America
Michael Nunes, Germany
Marcin Wróblewski, Poland
Irina Gaivenis, Russia

Thomas Holzer, Germany

Thomas joined Lohmann 10 years ago, after 20 years in pre-press. His approach as a FLEXpert is holistic, with good contacts, for instance to machine and plate manufacturers – and he sees himself as a bit of a Flexo Maniac.

Gilles Durel, France

After 16 years in the printing business and 8 years at Lohmann, Gilles has acquired a huge repertoire of skills and deep knowledge of the flexographic process in general and plate mounting tapes in particular.  

Bob Drew, Great Britain

Bob looks back on a lifetime of experience in printing and packaging. As a former Quality Assurance Manager, he is still today specialized in reviewing and advising on processes in order to achieve the best performance and results. In short: a true FLEXpert!

Silvia Casellato, Germany

Silvia knows about the aches and pains of flexo printers, since she has in-depth knowledge of her market. Because she is so well networked within the Flexo family, she always knows who the right partner is for problem-solving or giving advice.

Jordi Cañadas, Spain

Jordi came to Lohmann after 17 years of experience in a flexo repro house and 10 years as a consultant in graphics art. His main special field is in color management, but he also can give great advice on ISO 12647 standards. With his numerous contacts in the Spanish market, Jordi will be able to help customers with a wide range of prepress issues.

Luigi Barbareschi, Italy

Luigi has been in the tapes market for more than 25 years. His area of expertise includes flexo printing and color management. He can provide you with in-depth knowledge on the mounting and demounting process as well as the best tools to avoid edge lifting. Whenever the question is, which DuploFLEX product might be the right one for you, Luigi will always come up with the perfect answer, no matter how specific the request. 

Storm Lei, China

With his education at the Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) plus many years of working in printing factories and with Lohmann, both Storm’s theoretical knowledge and practical experience are impressive. This is the perfect base for his work as a FLEXpert, in which he provides systematic, professional and practical solutions to his customers. 

Bernardo Sonnenberg, South America

With 20 years in the flexo industry in South America, Bernardo is a veteran of the field. Among other things, he has gathered vast prepress and plate manufacturing experience when he worked for a large trade shop in Argentina and represented many of the major co-supplier brands in the flexo industry. He loves traveling all over South America to meet his customers - and helping them to achieve the best possible printing results. 

Michael Nunes, Germany

Michael joined the Lohmann family in 2018, and he brought his 21 years of printing experience along. He knows how to deal with plates as well as the foam underneath, even when it comes to specific challenges, for example printing on corrugated cardboard. His earlier career included both analogue and digital mounting. In order to be able to always offer the best possible service to his customers, he has made troubleshooting his favorite part of the job.

Marcin Wróblewski, Poland

Marcin combines expertise and exuberance with a head full of ideas. He is all about delivering excellent support along the entire printing process – and thanks to his academic background in printing, combined with an entire professional career of various technical positions in prepress and flexo printing, he always delivers. His customers know that when they turn to him, they will always end up with the perfect tape mounting. 

Irina Gaivenis, Russia

Irina started her activity in the world of graphics arts 15 years ago as a sales manager in offset printing technology. Early in her career, she chose flexo as her field of personal growth. Nowadays, her customers profit from all the competency and experience she has gathered over the years. Whether they turn to her with a question about the best flexo solution or any other aspects of image printing – Irina will always help them make the right decision. 

The art of always having the right material


Flexible packaging, labels, corrugated board: No matter what type of flexographic printing is involved, you can always rely on uncompromising quality, even under the most difficult conditions. You can find out more about the individual advantages of our plate mounting tape solutions in the DuploFLEX® product brochures.


The art of the optimized process

Smart Bonding for Flexo

Against the background of a continually growing packaging industry, in recent decades, flexo printing has become established as an alternative to other printing processes for a wide range of print jobs. At the same time, a high level of competitive pressure exists: Complex print jobs, rising quality standards and tight time frames are forcing many printers to optimize their production processes.

This is where Lohmann comes into play as a qualified partner: We help you gain a decisive advantage over the competition with the aid of total efficiency. From concept to process integration and beyond, we are available to you worldwide and at any time. Optimized processes across the entire spectrum of flexo printing - that's Smart Bonding for Flexo.

Our offer:

Personal Advice

We, the Lohmann Bonding Engineers, are FLEXperts for the entire flexo printing process. Together we analyze your requirements, give the right recommendations
and find the best solution for you. At any time, worldwide.

DuploFLEX® Portfolio

Individual printing requirements demand unique solutions. We offer the suitable product for every application. For excellent print quality, efficient processes and the best handling.

DuploFLEX® Toolbox

Do you want your entire mounting process to be as efficient as possible? Use our DuploFLEX® Toolbox. Each of its individual tools helps to make sure you always end up with the perfect mounting


First simulate, then integrate. Our innovative FlexoLAB shows the major steps on a realistic scale and our mission: Testing, analyzing and optimizing to achieve the best print results for you.

The art of producing continually better results

The Lohmann FlexoLAB – Test, Analysis, Improvement

With the FlexoLAB we can reconstruct the parameters of a print job - and analyze the effects on your print jobs. A modern print simulator from our strategic partner TRESU and our mounting machine make this possible.
Please feel free to discuss this with us and we will analyze your process for you.

The art of innovation

DUPLOFLEX® VR-Experience: A look behind the scenes with our FLEXperts

See what’s new at Lohmann: from our climate chamber via the FlexoLAB through to the brand new DuploFLEX® Corona Pen. Our FLEXperts give you 360°-insights in the future of flexo printing.


*For best VR-Experience please use the latest version of YouTube app for iOS/Android.

Your Lohmann FLEXperts support you personally - anytime, anywhere in the world.

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