The innovative DuploFLEX® Corona Pen

At the decisive moment of the entire printing processes, the print job itself, everything has to be perfect. Our FLEXperts do not only provide optimal bonding products for flexo printing, but tools for more efficient mounting and demounting, too. Because we are committed to service.

There are several methods for plate pretreatment which have proven their worth in practice. Depending on the requirements, each of them has its individual strengths and weaknesses. For that, the Bonding Engineers found an innovative solution:
the DuploFLEX® Corona Pen.

DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Add-ons:

The DuploFLEX® Corona Pen rarely comes unaccompanied. To exclusive customers we provide additional tools for plate pretreatment. 

How can a uniform pretreatment of the edges be ensured? Our specially created Spacer is particularly helpful in this regard.

The correct handling of the DuploFLEX® Corona Pen is paramount. The Protector ensures the proper grip.

Indispensable as well: the Base going hand in hand with the Protector.

An even easier handling is possible by means of the Station: Just run your printing plate underneath the DuploFLEX® Corona Pen that is fixed in the Station. This way, a time-saving pretreatment of multiple plates can work out.

The DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Add-Ons in detail

Corona Pen: Spacer
Corona Pen: Protector
Corona Pen: Base
Corona Pen: Station

DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Spacer

DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Protector

DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Base

DuploFLEX® Corona Pen Station

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